The Skull of Curves!

Posted by ShadowRam May 27th, 2013

For fun, I found this model on Thingiverse and gave it a go.

It needed extra cooling during the print so I set up some computer fans alongside the print bed to keep a cool flow of air over the part.
The end of the print failed because the printer pulled the model off the bed.

What was happening is because of the short layers at the horns, the previous layer of PLA didn’t have time to cool down enough before the next layer was being printed on top.
This causes the layers to curl at the edges, and this is what happened until the print head pulled on the soft layer.

There is a fix in the configuration of the program where a delay can be added so there is a minimum time per layer to allow the layers to cool properly before continuing. I’ll have to set that.

Also below is my first time lapse video, enjoy!


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