My most complicated design/print

Posted by ShadowRam November 25th, 2013

So one of the issues I have is that the parts need to be cooled as they are printing, otherwise on short layers the previous layer is still too hot, and the part will start to curl.
I’ve been getting away with aiming a small desktop fan at the printer as it’s printing, but one of the proper ways the 3D Printer prevents this, is to mount a controllable fan to the printer itself.

I designed this in Solidworks, and attempted printing it. To be honest, I thought it was going to be a complete failure, but it turned out way better than expected.

The bonus is, that this part will at least function well enough to print a better copy of itself, which can then help print an even better copy of itself,

This is an old computer memory fan cooler I had lying around and never used. But it has three fans. I’m using the middle one to cool the cold-end of the hot-end.

The other two outside fans are redirected down to the nozzle via some ducts. These 12VDC fans replaced the 5VDC laptop fan I had zip-tied to the side of the hot-end.




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