Cleaning up the Printer

Posted by ShadowRam November 25th, 2013

Now that I have the printer somewhat in a reliable printing condition, it’s time to clean it up. It’s a pretty big mess at the moment, with desktop fans cooling the electronics, which is sitting on a piece of wood, and a lot of temporary alligator clips holding some stuff together for testing.




So I did some work on the old electronics box that came with the printer. This is the picture of the old box to remind you,



And this is the Arduino mounted in it, (with its new printed mount) and two computer fans I mounted on the side to replace the large desktop fan in cooling the electronics,




I placed it in the corner and fed the wires back through it. I also went through the task removing some old wire from the cable track, and installing some extra wire. I plan on running a good constant 12VDC up to the print end to run constant fans and some LED lights to light the print-bed as it’s printing. Also to support some extra future sensors/etc.


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