First Movement

Posted by ShadowRam April 27th, 2013

Now that I verified that all the electronics appears to be in good working order, crimping the stepper motors on the frame to work on the board is the next step.

I bring up the wiring diagram of these motors and I take a look at them. Weird, colours don’t match. I take a look at the wires coming out of the motor. Oh-oh. There are 8 wires coming out of the motor going into a shrink wrapped mass, but only four coming out at the end of it. No worries, I’m aware that 8-wire steppers can be wired up in a way to be 4-wire. But I had no idea what the colours at the end were. Guess I have to do this the old fashion way. I grabbed my multimeter and rung out the stepper motor connections on the frame. 5 ohms per set.

I rigged up some temporary connections to make sure I had the direction correct and tested it out. After it worked, I recorded down the pin out, and crimped my first stepper motor connection and plugged it into the board. The video show’s it was a success. I also monitored the heat sink on the stepper motor controller to see if it was getting hot handling these larger motors. It went up only 3 degree’s C. Success. Now to crimp and hook up the rest.

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