Posted by ShadowRam November 25th, 2013


So I’ve been printing for quite a while now, but I’ve really badly neglected to update this blog. Keeping the blog updated is a much longer task than I had anticipated,

Either way, here is finally a successful print where the quality is good enough to actually use the parts I print. I had a lot of problems getting the parts to stick to the bed, but luckly someone on reddit mentioned I should try some rubbing alcohol on the painters tape, and did it ever stick like crazy.

This part I’m printing out here in the picture is a mount for the Arduino electronics. I later found out that the object was actually mirrored by accident, due to my Y-Axis direction that I assume as ‘positive’ is really negative compared to everyone else’s printer. So I swapped that around and reprinted the part,

Shown here is that it fits the Arduino perfectly,



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