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Posted by ShadowRam October 28th, 2013

So I hit a pretty big road block. My build platform was no more, and this overshoot problem doesn’t appear to be an easy fix. I have to admit with everything else going on, it’s a bit discouraging, and finding motivation to keep at it is hard to find. But I keep telling myself, if building a 3D Printer was easy, everyone would have one.

Nevertheless, I kept at it. My biggest issue was finding suppliers. Suppliers that had the parts I needed, in Canada, and wouldn’t charge me an arm and a leg for what I needed, whether it be the parts themselves or shipping.

Without going into too big a story of the past couple months, I was all ready to order a bunch of parts, before I noticed something else with the printer. My initial hypothesis on why the printer was creating an overshoot problem was incorrect, and luckly I noticed this before ordering the parts. The issue actually was with the rollers on the Y-Axis. Every time the belt pulled the carriage one direction, it would cause the entire carriage to angle slightly.

The solution was to separate the two guide bars to prevent the rotation from happening. So I ordered some shaft holders and some linear bearings to replace the rollers.

So while I waited for suppliers to take a month to get in some stock I decided to finalize the build platform with level adjustment and get the heater bed in place.


After a busy month of vacations/work/B-Days and such, I finally got around to mounting the new bearings and repositioning the shafts.

Some hacking and slashing










With the shafts removed, I gathered the parts together,


Then I mounted them,

20130728_133205 20130728_133215


It was another while before I got around to testing my new hardware to see if it worked

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