While struggling with the overshoot

Posted by ShadowRam July 14th, 2013

During the time I was attempting to solve the overshoot problem, I was also working on the print platform.

After I tightened up the belts, I printed an object I created in a few mintues. It was a simple bracket that I could screw to the wall and hold some screw drivers.



This was the largest object I had printed to date, and the first attempt ended up in warping.



I cancelled the job, and you can see all four corners of the part are curling up. This means I’m not getting a good adherence to the build platform. So it’s about time I installed the heated bed, as this is what the heated bed was meant for.

After I installed the heated bed, I tested it out and started to heat up the mirror that I’ve been printing on up until this point. The electronics worked, and the sensor was controlling the bed quite well. I heated it up to a measly 30deg Celsius as a test. I then raised the temperature up to 40deg Celsius, and a part of the mirror suddenly come flying off, and a huge crack was generated down the middle of the mirror.


The mirror already had a chip out of it, and the act of heating/expanding had caused it to crack. So there goes my print platform.



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