Another Setback

Posted by ShadowRam May 15th, 2013

So after all this, it looks like I was all ready to get printing. All I needed was my print bed to be in place.
Fail. My ATX Power Supply is now acting up. I guess it’s the combination of the 3-Axis + Extruder + Heating Resistor is causing it to randomly shut-off.

I don’t think I’m pulling too much current. It’s rated for 15A on the rail I’m using, but from what I’m reading online, it appears I will need a good load on the 5V line to make the power supply function properly. It looks like some use a 5W resistor, and others a lightbulb. I have that laptop fan on the 5V line, but it apparently doesn’t pull enough current.

I don’t know if I’m too keen on the idea of dissipating 5W of heat just to make a power supply function correctly, but it’s either pull apart my power supply and put in a few dollar resistor, or go buy a proper 12V 30A power supply for $50-$70.

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